Sept. 13, 2021

Episode 57: La’Mond Hall and Special Education During COVID-19

Some of the most successful schools in COVID-19 are those that have made it a priority to meet all their students' needs. These schools recognize that, while they may not be able to help reach every student's potential, they can at least ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to succeed. This is traditionally achieved by providing teachers adequate resources; supporting students with disabilities, and ensuring that school policies align with state and federal law.

La’Mond Hall is a three-time graduate of Prairie View A & M University. La'Mond earned a BA in social work, a Master’s degree in counseling, and a Master’s degree in special education. He also holds an educational diagnostician certification.

In this episode, I speak to LaMond about being a self-contained behavioral teacher during COVID-19. We also discuss how children in special education now have to adjust to the second year of going to school with COVID-19 and how teachers can support their adjustment to the structure of a new year.

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