May 25, 2021

Episode 48: Coaching Basketball during COVID-19 with Marcus Gabriel

As the NBA playoffs began this past week I just can’t help but think about the challenges coaches and players are experiencing due to COVID-19. I watched my daughter play junior varsity basketball while wearing a mask, sitting six feet away from the nearest teammate when she wasn't on the court. As a former basketball coach, I can only imagine the difficulties associated with motivating youth during this pandemic.

One of my best friends and colleagues, Coach Marcus Gabriel, joins us for this episode as we discuss another aspect of student engagement: extracurricular activities. Although basketball may see a small portion of student body participation, it can be the main attraction in some communities in the American education system.

This episode discusses coaching basketball in the COVID-19 era and how the pandemic has affected competition, camaraderie, and school morale. We also discuss how students adjusted to the COVID-19 protocols during competition and talked about how we became friends as coaches and the importance of building relationships with fellow coaches and players.

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