May 16, 2021

Episode 47: Librarian Experiences During COVID-19

When thinking about the makeup of K-12 schools, teachers, students, and principals might come to mind first. Too often, the forgotten soldiers of education are librarians. These unsung, multiskilled individuals are sometimes the backbone of a school. During COVID-19 these specialized educators faced tremendous adversity as they were forced to advocate for literacy via video conferences or socially distanced library visits.

This week I reached out to three extraordinary librarians who did amazing things for their campuses during the pandemic.
Melanie Hodges has been a librarian for 17 years and shares a professional learning network (PLN) with Anne Arnold, a librarian of 13 years, and Tiffany Achiu, a librarian of four years.

In this episode, we speak with these remarkable librarians about obstacles they faced and figured out, virtual support for remote learning, virtual maker spaces, and curbside library book check-out. We also discuss the challenges and triumphs that COVID-19 has presented in the library as well as their profession. Lastly, we talk about the power of a PLN and how it has strengthened our guests’ effectiveness in their schools.

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