May 10, 2021

Episode 46: Is Learning Loss Real?

Graduation is one of the most celebrated events in the American school system. Students, parents, teachers, and principals all look forward to the day when they can collectively celebrate the culmination of students’ learning. However, a new term has surfaced during the pandemic: learning loss — the loss of academic progress that may lead to students not graduating due to low test scores.

If standardized testing is not a good reflection of a student’s development and growth, and a growing number of colleges and universities are eliminating exam requirements, are there other factors that are driving standardized testing in education? A surprising connection to the real estate market and education. Real Estate firms heavily rely on data from tests to sell and construct homes across the country. 

For this episode, we spoke with educators on Clubhouse about learning loss, its connection to the pandemic,  standardized testing, real estate, and other factors. We also discussed what skills students need to gain in order to be successful.

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