March 21, 2021

Episode 41: Datacasting with Stacy Fitzsimmons and Stephanie Frazier

One of the prevalent problems in the COVID-19 era is the lack of digital access for students. Parents, students, and teachers know this problem all too well and it has led to disparities in education that manifest in multiple ways. The most significant of these is that teachers and schools have struggled to get students to show up for online classes and interact with them using technology at the same rate as face-to-face instruction.

Cari Kozicki Dr. Stephanie Frazier, Salandra Bowman, and Stacy Fitzsimmons addressed this problem recently at SXSW EDU. In the session “EduCast: Legacy Tech Is a Bridge to Broadband,” they shared how they are serving multiple communities without access to the internet using legacy technology. It simply blew me away.

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Frazier of SCETV in South Carolina and Stacy Fitzsimmons of SNF Writing Solutions in Indiana are our guests. We speak about the way states like South Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Virginia, Michigan, and Idaho are collaborating on bringing digital access to students without an internet connection. We also talk about equity and improving access for all students, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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