Feb. 13, 2021

Episode 36: Teaching Black History with Michelle Ellis and Yvette Blake Ed.D.

I have had many discussions with my peers in the last year about race, equity and culture as well as what it means to be Black in America. We discuss how ingrained racism is in this country and its education system. One conversation in particular that has continued to surface is how the celebration of Black History Month has rested in the hands of educators. I can honestly say that my peers, who are as diverse as the United Nations, have been appalled at how some of the ways Black history is taught and introduced to students. Michelle Ellis tweeted an example, which caught my eye as it began with “Somebody is ALREADY MESSING up Black History Month.”

It dawned on me, many educators may not know what is culturally appropriate or be aware of biased practices embedded in Black history lessons. For the podcast, I spoke with Michelle Ellis and Yvette Blake Ed.D, my mentor, about the way we celebrate Black History Month in American schools. These two brave educators didn’t hesitate to share their knowledge and expertise on the subject.

In this episode, Michelle, Yvette, and I discuss Black History Month, exploring ways Black history can be incorporated into curriculums with fidelity. We also review resources for teachers teaching Black history and provide suggestions for ways to do this purposefully and meaningfully.


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