Jan. 15, 2021

Episode 32: “EduMagic” with Samantha Fecich

Preparing the next generation of teachers is a daunting task. The incorporation of mobile technology has led to many changes in education in the last five years, and the pandemic has accelerated the need to embrace these changes. New teachers need to know how to build relationships virtually, deliver engaging lessons using the best tools available, and communicate with parents to monitor students' progress. How will preservice teachers know where to start? These trends inspired Samantha Fecich to publish EduMagic, a book that helps prepare teachers to hone their digital presence and create activities with technology tools.

In this episode of the Flipboard EDU Podcast, we speak with Samantha about the challenges pre-service teachers face during the pandemic. We detail how to build relationships virtually with college students and how pre-service teachers will use technology in their classes as teachers. We also talk about the importance of maintaining a positive presence as a teacher on various forms of social media.

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