Dec. 18, 2020

Episode 30: Starting A Charter School with Christy McGowan

Passionate educators like Christy McGowan are a necessity for reshaping equity in marginalized neighborhoods through education. Her plan of action is to build a charter school from the ground up, with open admissions based on a lottery system. A former teacher and literacy coach and current BES fellow, Christy is building her own school, One Collegiate, deeply rooted in literacy. BES believes that great schools are led by great leaders who are passionate about changing the educational landscape of underserved communities. Michael Milstead, who is a friend of our show and co-hosted several of our earlier episodes, is a school board member and assists Christy. In this episode, we speak to Christy and Michael about starting the One Collegiate charter school. We discuss why some charter schools have a negative reputation, the challenges a charter faces, and what the mission and vision are for One Collegiate.Copyright Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music -

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