Nov. 20, 2020

Episode 27: Project Based Video Journalism with Clement Townsend

*Storytelling might be the unsung hero of the pandemic. More and more schools are seeing the importance of incorporating “a narrative” during COVID-19. Traditionally school districts don’t proactively tell their own stories and as a result, they aren’t accurately represented in the media. Professional journalist and author* *Clement Townsend* ( ) *fill a huge need as he mentors students and teachers on video journalism and broadcasting.**In this episode, we speak with Clement about the importance of mentoring students in the field of video broadcasting and the appropriate use of social media.  He discusses how teachers can incorporate media learning opportunities that are project-based and outlines his step-by-step process to motivate students to use their voice like a pro.*Copyright Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music -

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