Nov. 13, 2020

Episode 26: Tackling the Achievement Gap with Tarael Kee

*Tarael Kee* ( ) *, the president-elect of the Illinois School Counselors Association, speaks with me about these discrepancies and how some minority teachers are identifying bias in education that promotes various stereotypes. Tarael is also a high school counselor in Collinsville Illinois and has worked as an educator for 15 years. He is currently working on his doctorate in educational leadership and writes for the Illinois School Counselor Association about* *mental health-related* ( ) *topics**In this episode, we identify several biases that play a crucial role in maintaining systemic racism in education in America. We also discuss the impact of gerrymandering on school funding and how COVID-19 has increased pressure on children in poverty.*Copyright Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music -

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