Oct. 16, 2020

Episode 22: Using Video in the Classroom with Monica Nahas

*Now, more than ever, video is playing a key role in the classroom. Teachers at all levels are using video daily for various classroom activities. Synchronous and asynchronous learning are terms that were definitely born in 2020 and are becoming staples of professional development for teachers. It appears that they are here to stay.**Oddly enough using video in classrooms is nothing new for educators. Yet, this school year has required a new skill from teachers, who may or may not have anticipated the shifts that are occurring this fall. With apps like* *Flipgrid* ( https://info.flipgrid.com/ ) *which allows students to use video to collaborate with other her students around the world**In this episode, we speak with* *Monica Nahas* ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/monica-nahas-a554a7122/ ) *, a distance-learning specialist, who works with over 50 school districts and 30 charter schools in one of Texas’ largest* *education service center Region 4* ( https://www.esc4.net/ ) *. Monica lays out best practices for using video with students, including ways for teachers to create their own videos, and keeping students safe during video conferences.*Copyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/b9bb917bCopyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/6cd0b356Copyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/fae889b3

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