Sept. 26, 2020

Episode 19: Science with Tom

*In this episode, we speak with Tom  Mc Fadden about using hip-hop as a way to teach science. We also discuss how COVID-19 and social distancing may hinder teacher creativity in the classroom, and strategize on how to get that excitement back into teaching.**Tom teaches 8th graders biology at the Nueva School in Southern California. He also teaches the world science with his* *YouTube Channel Science Rap Academy* ( ) *. Tom’s videos are engaging, to say the least, and he encourages his students to create amazing video science content as well. Tom has been a guest on various morning talk shows, done duets with* *Lil Jon* ( ) *, and even had* *Bill Nye the Science Guy* ( ) *in one of his rap videos,* *Everybody Has Questions.* ( ) *He is also building one of the most creative apps I have ever seen to enhance science instruction using hip-hop.*Copyright Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music -

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