Sept. 19, 2020

Episode 18: Microsoft Teams For Education

One of the biggest challenges for teachers lately is organizing curricula and having meaningful conversations online with students in a safe environment. There are several horror stories of teachers video conference classrooms being hijacked by hackers, who until now were the furthest thing away from the minds of educators. Like, who really thought that would be an issue eight months ago? Weirdly enough this year has brought about another wrinkle to online instruction that is currently a flaw in most Learning Management systems, a lack of social-emotional interaction. Enter Microsoft Teams for Education, an excellent one-stop-shop for security, safety, and supporting student engagement.In this episode, *Bhavani Kola* ( ) mathematics and statistics instructor at Tarrant Junior College, and *Kimberly Barrett* ( ) English teacher at Calloway County High School, help me explain why *Microsoft Teams for Education* ( ) just works in the 21st-century classroom environment. Bhavani, a *Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert* ( ) shares her expertise on her youtube channel *F2F to Online Transition* ( ) training educators on the ins and outs of effectively using Microsoft Teams with students. Bhavani also helped me to understand that learning math from a teacher you like is more memorable than learning math from a teacher you dislike, which pretty much explains my relationship with Math. Speaking of relationships, Kimberly is also a *Microsoft Innovative Expert* ( ) and specialized in personalized learning, teaching freshman English at Calloway High School. Kimberly is a master at engaging students as she was the Kentucky Career and Technolgy teacher of the year in 2017.Copyright Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music - Chillhop Music -

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