Aug. 29, 2020

Episode 15: Going Back To School During COVID-19

Schools across the country are opening as superintendents and school boards decide on best practices for keeping students safe and COVID-free. Some say that the reopening of schools should have been universally led by the Secretary of Education. Without regard to political affiliation, we ponder how much regulation and oversight is needed in returning to school nationally. Should we have a unified effort and plan from the Secretary of Education, or should decisions about openings be left up to local school boards?In this episode, we speak with *Dr. Nida Saeed* ( ) and *Jeremy Sanders* ( ) about their approach to these questions. I met Dr. Saeed in the Digital Learning Department of Fort Bend ISD which we both worked in during her undergraduate studies. She is a gifted educator who specializes in integrating Writing curricula with technology, as well as an expert on cultural awareness for Muslim Americans fostering inclusive environments in school settings. Mr. Sanders is an assistant principal in Galena Park ISD. He works at one of the largest high schools in the state of Texas, boasting a student body of 4,500 students.

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