Aug. 15, 2020

Episode 13: Is Equity Real?

*A meaningful discussion about the lack of funding and resources for schools across America requires an honest look at the role systemic racism plays in education. All too often, we hear about the need for equity as a way to rectify disparities; in reality, equity doesn’t address the core problem but rather perpetuates it. “* *Separate but Equal* ( ) *” was abolished and replaced by equity, yet minority communities still struggle 66 years later.**I’ve invited* *Dr. Michael Moody* ( ) *back on the show for a discussion about equity in education,, along with* *Knikole Taylor* ( ) *. Dr. Moody is the CEO of Insight Advance, an organization dedicated to improving instructional practices and students’ achievement through various strategic coaching models. He joined us for episode 10 of the podcast about* *Racism in America* ( ) *. Also for this conversation, I wanted a real educator doing the work of equalizing education, and Knikole Taylor is perfect. She’s a rockstar educator who resides in Dallas, Texas and currently works as a technology instructional coach. Mrs.Taylor is an international professional development trainer, curriculum developer, speaker, and author. She is known for her magnificent Edcamp/Edtech projects that train teachers and educators virtually and in person.**Copyright Chillhop Music -**Copyright Chillhop Music -*

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