June 26, 2020

Episode 10: Racism in the American Educational System

For far too long systemic racism has deterred the dreams of equity and equality for children of color. To really dig into this conversation we enlisted the help of several educational thought leaders. In this week’s episode, we discuss observations, gatekeepers, and possible solutions with *Dr. Michael Moody* ( https://www.insighteducationgroup.com/our-team-michael-moody ) , the founder of *Insight Advance* ( https://www.insightadvance.com/ ) , along with his Senior Vice President *Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds* ( https://www.insighteducationgroup.com/our-team-andrea-thomas-reynolds ) , who have been actively coaching teachers to improve instructional practices in K-12 education. We also invited *Dr. Josue Falaise* ( https://gse.rutgers.edu/Josue_Falaise ) founder of FOMO Educational services and *Dr. Adanna J. Janaki* ( https://www.georgetown.edu/news/adanna-johnson/ ) Associate Vice President for Student Equity and Inclusion at Georgetown University.Music by Chillhop Music: https://chillhop.comWritten: Christel Van der Boom, Stacie Boudrie, Dr. Michael Milstead, William Jeffery

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